Thursday, January 7, 2010

Have NO FEAR: The Cateye is HERE!!!

Today I asked a question on Twitter, " What is the one think you would like to know about makeup?!" Answer: Liquid eye liner aka " The Cat eye"!!!!

The Cat eye is one of my favorite looks to do and wear. NYC Fashion Week ( Fall 09) had this look up and down the runway. This is soooo classy and trendy!

First: Think of how dramatic you want your liner. Example Scarlett Johansson( simple)-----Amy Winehouse( dramatic) :)

Second: Now the more dramatic your liner appears to be the softer your lips should be, becaus your eyes just became your focus. A softer liner you can go with a bolder lip! POW!!!!

Third: I love using a liquid liner for this my choice (L'Oreal Lineur Intense Carbon Black $9, drugstore) or for those who like a softer pencil (MAC : eye pencil Smolder $14, Now the catch 22 : Using a pencil is great because you can have a steady hand, but its softer therfore is more likely to smug going from a liner to a SMOKEY EYE! UGH!

Fourth: Use a mirror that you can get up close to. Now look in the mirror and hold your head back, almost as tho you are looking up your nose. lol ( Yes, this sound crazy but work with me!)

* If you are doing it the right way ( looking up your nose), look at your eye now. You should be able to see your natural lash line.

* Follow that LINE!! Its your guide. Now once you get to the end of your eye, your going to want to make that little flip up right?! Well dont do it!!! WAIT!!!

* Right now, this is your chance to make your liner as thick or line as you like!

*Once your have done that,look back straight( no more looking up your nose lol) in the mirror. Turn your head either left or right depending which eye you doing the liner at the time.

(Example if your doing your LEFT eye, look RIGHT, if your doing your RIGHT eye , look LEFT.)

THE WING: I think the WING of the "cat eye" is the most important of the look. Instead of swing that line up, we are going to keep it straight as possible.

So as straight as you can just draw a little tail at the end of your liner. Now look at the end of your eyebrow, try to make your liner come out to that. PLEASE!!!! Dont go any further!!.


Add that beautiful sexy LIP and your out the door!!!!! Now this can seem like some really long steps, but once try it once...thats all it takes!!!

REMEMBER!!!! There are no MISTAKES!!! No one will never know you messed up unless YOU told them so!!

Shout out to @cocoabella and @misscocoaluv for the request

Below I added a facechart for this look. I did it for the picture above at a photoshoot. Hopefully this can make it a little easier for you.

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