Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Makeup Trends 09

Fall Makeup Trends 2009

What to wear, how to wear it...blah blah blah...trends, trends, trends. When you hear it, you think of clothes, bags, and accessories right? But, most people don't know MAKEUP has trends as well. The first thing people see when they "see" you is your why wouldn't you want to stay trendy with that?

So, I'm about to break down the Fall 2009 Makeup Trend from NYC Fashion runways to your favorite celebs and even the front pages of Vogue.


When it comes to foundation makeup for 2009, the entire year is all about sheer color that allows natural skin to shine through. The result is a natural glowing appearance without a lot of time spent in front of the mirror. I suggest oil-free formulas that perfect the skin but still look soft and natural. Or, you can use a tinted moisturizer.

This year heavy blush, contoured cheeks, or, in other words, the chiseled look is back. While it won't be dramatic, it will be just enough to make those smoky eyes the center of attention.

Eyes (Metallic, Smokey Eye, Cat-Eye):

When it comes to eye makeup trends for fall 2009, it's all about rich earth tones that appear to have come right from the forest. Purple, smoldering smokey black eyes, deep moss greens, luxurious golds, smoky browns, and grays are top colors for fall in makeup. Look for the dark colors (such as blue eye shadow) to be matte and velvety in texture with a touch of shimmer coming from those golds in the corner of the eye.

The cat-eye makeup, that was popular in the fall of 2008, is going to be modified for 2009. Instead of following the retro-inspired swoop up of the days gone by, the cat-eye for 2009 is about making a horizontal line without the upswing at the tail.


2009 is all about the LIPS baby!! Wanting to keep the sexy going with the popular 2008 red lip trend, this sexy lip is all about boldness with colors like Deep Purple, Red, and for my DIVA ladies Fuchsia Lips.

So there you have it Fall 2009. So let's get started!

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