Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Nude Attitude!!!

A NUDE Attitude Fall Trend: Lips Nude

Hello, all my makeup lovers! I’m back and I got a NUDE attitude! All your favorite celebs like:

Jennifer Lopez

Kim Kardashian

Beyonce Knowles

are wearing the nude lip. It was also a hot look at New York’s Fashion Week ’09. It’s natural, edgy, and sexy all in one. And for all my smoky eye lovers, this is the perfect lip for you. Yes, *pointing* I’m talking to you! So how do you create a nude lip??? HHHMMM…let me think…It’s simple! Just Apply! I would suggest NARS “CARIBE” $24.00 (SEPHORA), SMASHBOX “PRALINE” $22.00 (SEPHORA), M.A.C. “REVEALING” $15 (M.A.C. Locations). And of course, for my RECESSIONISTAS (I didn’t forget about you LOL), Revlon Beyond Natural Cream Lip Gloss: 140 SPICE $7 (Pharmacies), is perfect for you! (And it just so happens to be my favorite :)) So come get with the NUDE attitude cause with this refreshing natural look, you can’t go wrong! :)

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