Thursday, September 2, 2010

How to do False LASHES!!

Everyone (including your mother) is wearing false eyelashes right about now, but honestly do you know how to apply them yourself?

So after my friend (Deja) asked me a million and one times about how to apply lashes, I decided to do a quick 1,2,3 step to follow:

Fix Your Mirror
Most women I have notice, make the biggest mistake by looking straight into the mirror: Instead adjust the mirror (or yourself) so your looking down, and are able to see your natural lash line. This will help you know exactly were you are placing the lashes... AGAIN your placing false lashes on your LASH LINE, not on your EYELID!!

While holding the lashes up to your eye before you apply the glue, measure to see

if the lashes are too wide or to small. If they are too big, this is a perfect time to cut them down. If the lashes are too big, cut a small piece off ( or cut the lash in half) and you can them as corner lashes.

Don't have a steady hand? Try using tweezers to place them on.

Try using Ardell Duo Eyelash Adhesive ($6, I personally like the black adhesive, but they also carry white.

Apply a small amount to the base of the lashes, let it dry for 20 seconds, then apply.

WAIT! Let me take a step back, try use your mascara before your lashes...

just in case you want to re-use your lashes( or you want a more fuller look) .....OK let's continue :)


Line It Up

Add black liner to fill in any gaps, then add another coat of mascara.

This is an option, you DON"T have to do this step!!!


At then end of the day, night or whatever...


Now while you think you MIGHT sleep like a princess, you don't want to make a wrong roll and wake up with your lashes on your forehead. Let your lashes live to see another day, pull them off and wash your makeup off!

While this women make not be the best example of makeup, but DAMN...she is even taking off her lashes!!! LOL :)

So I hope these quick tips help, keep in mind you might not get it the first time...but keep trying :)

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